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Standard VBA/Excel (30 of 1182)

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Array -start with "a", array function
nested functions replace(replace(sURL,
How to write a function to open a zip file when the file sometimes is zip and sometimes xlsb
Function returning a value
Mid(string,start[,end]) - string function
vFileLen(sFile) ' udf to create an excel function to get the filelength
functions vs. Sub
Trim - function string removed leading a trailing characters
Round - function
Right(string,n) - string function
IsError( ) - vba function
IsEmpty( ) vba function
Return multiple values from a function by returning a comma separated sting and parsing the results
Len(string) - vba function
Return a value from a function
Trim( ) - vba function to remove leading and trailing spaces (dup)
Application.Run - can be used to run a passed function on parameters - code in pptools - Callback_testing
Embed a query in a function or sub
LenB() - vba function
WorksheetFunction.Min( ) I use application.evaluate
API - Public Declare Function ShellExecute Lib "Shell32.dll" Alias "ShellExecuteA(ByVal hWnd As Long, ...
Subtotal function - excel
Basic Excel Functions to Know
Indirect Function
16 Most Important Excel Functions to Know
AreTheyTheSame - internet function udf to check if 2 files are the same
ExtractData function