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Standard VBA/Excel (137 of 1182)

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FindDataCol - udf - 🔝
DownLoadFileFromWeb(to,from) - udf
OpenDQFile - udf to open the Data Quality file from web/sharepoint and unzip it
FindDataCol("fieldname",row_nbr) udf
cl - udf - converts a # to the AA format
GetNextRow - filtering udf
Findlastrow - udf - finds the last row in a column
FinishDEReport - udf
FindLastCol(1) - find the last column passed a row udf
CreateSheet "name" - adds a new sheet and deletes current one??? udf
sendmail_cdo udf
Delay 2 = udf
displaycolumns - udf
RemoveCanceled - Removes rows with a status of canceled - udf
Add Columns to a Report Manually Maintained
Display_the_columns - takes a spreadsheet and hides columns based on a range name - udf
InArray(array,value) - determines if value is in the array - udf
DownloadFileFromWeb(strURL, savetoPath) - udf using api
FixName - takes a passed name in Last, First and changes to First Last
Formatcols - Format the excel while recording
GetHTML - code to get the source from a web page (doesn't work on pages that use ajax)
SaveStringtoFile string, "c:\xyz.txt" - saves a string to a file
udf - Internet - GetHTML2 - good example of using DOM
GettheVersion - opens workbook and finds the version and date by searching the sheet
GetSignature - gets a number based on the number of formulas + number of rows * cols
GotoXYZ - Shortcut key will go to the XYZ system and substitute the #
GotoSheet - udf - for shortcut creation
logit2(s) ' writes data to sequential file ' udf
vFileLen(sFile) ' udf to create an excel function to get the filelength
udf - CreateMultipleDirectorys from a list (files)
Calling a udf
ShowSheet - udf - wraps the code to prevent errors
SelectPartialSheetName - I wouldn't know the whole name of a sheet but knew part of it's name
FormatXyz - udf - to format data usually via recorded code,
udf - LogAction
rt = udf to track Response Time (optimize)
Generate_deck - udf - that runs commands in spreadsheet to generate ppt slides
CopyChartToPPT ... udf - very important
RunQuery( ) - udf db - runs a query that returns 1 value and not a recordset
LogAction - udf to write 3 fields to a sheet
ColumnLetter - udf - converts a column # to a column letter
AddFinalSlash - udf - files
LBDOM - dates - udf - Last Business Date of the Month
A01 GTOD(e,offset, optional retDate) - udf Get Type of Date - c for Credit Studio, e for Everest
GetUsersEmailAddress() - udf - internet
RunTheQuery - udf - db
CheckScheduleSendMail - udf - email
IsAutorun() - udf looks at the filename if has the name autorun then set flag to true
SECDataAvailable - udf - db - checks for a condition (cob date from db > month-end data) and send email, generates a file
VerifyValue - udf - db - runs query based on Coper, field (ce,pe), date, returns value)
ProcessSQL - udf - very important 🔝
SaveStringToFile - udf 🔝
RunSQLFromFile - udf - db 🔝
GetNextVersion - udf - passed file and returns the next version of the file
GenerateExcelFiles from a db - udf
AdjustLabelPosition - udf - charts
GetRegionalTopNames 6 parameters - udf - get a chart of top n based on CE or PE
AC - udf sc - Activecell
AddSemicolon - db - udf - adds a semicolon to the end of a string if one doesn't exist or to beginning as it's a comment
AppLen - udf -wrapper - handles null value
auto_open - udf
Popup - ui - udf - Display a msgbox that disappears
check_include - udf db implements sql include logic
CheckDatabase - udf
CheckForUnadjustedSQL(sSQL, sNote) - udf db looked at SQL and searched for a table that shouldn't be used
DropFieldFromdb - udf
Email ' udf internet
GetConnection - udf - db
GetDataSource - udf - db
GetSystemVar - udf - db - Retrieves a System Variable from a table
Insert_to_dataissues_click - Loop thru data on sheet and insert it to a table
QF - db -udf - Query Fix to replace an odd # of quotes with even number to stop sql injection attack (security)
LoadData(sFile) - udf - loads a file's data to a string
LoadListBox(c as object, sSQL as String) - db - udf -
LoadQueryToString - udf - db
Popup - udf
LatestVersion - udf
rt - udf - Response Time
Logautorun - udf
Log2File udf
RealGo - udf db - detmine if a go in sql is the real one
RemoveSQLComments - udf
Right1 - udf - move activecell 1 to the right
check_include(sSQL,"") - udf db
runquery2 - udf - runs a query that returns 2 values
GetCommandLine() - udf
SendChecklist_email() - udf - sends a formatted email as a checklist to proper person to dbl check report
LoadFileToString(sFile) - udf
UseProductionDB vs. UseTestDB - udf - that set a global
WarnDev - udf - emails msg to default email loaded from a config "main_support_email" @ "company_domain"
WebQuery - internet - udf - run a url and loads the output to a worksheet - recorded
WhatDB() - udf - queries the gADO.Properties(9) and if an error occurs returns "Not Connected"
WildCardSelect(...) - db - udf - adds fields to select query based on wildcards - cool
align_ok_key(lKeyCol1 as Long, range1, lkeyCol2 as long, range2) - udf - 🔝 Aligns data from 2 sources
CompareTwoFiles() - udf
diffs - udf - compares 2 ouputs
GetStats - udf
Highlight_PrevCurDiffs - udf
A01 doc "text" ' udf documents the code
fdom - first day of month -date udf
InitDB - udf to initialize a database
GetParameters - udf - Report engine
B01 xmlLoadData - udf
A01 FormatFromTemplate - udf - Report engine complex
ClearClipboard - udf - Report Engine
DeleteCodeModules -
DeleteServerSideCodeModules - udf report engine vbe
A01 FormatforPrinting - udf - report engine
FormatFromTemplate - udf Report Engine
FormatMultipleSheets udf
IsArrayEmpty - udf
SetAutoFitMergedCell udf Report Engine
GetAnchorFromCell - udf - web
RetrieveDataToSheet - udf - db
FindWorkbook(sWB) udf
SendMailto( ) udf
SheetExists - udf
AreTheyTheSame - internet function udf to check if 2 files are the same
OpenFile() udf