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Standard VBA/Excel (60 of 1182)

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Game - 20 Questions
Game - Board Game
Game - Card Game
Game - Checkers
Game - Concentration - Memory game
Game - Create a game
Generate_deck - udf - that runs commands in spreadsheet to generate ppt slides
GenerateAllExcelAndDecks - batch - run multiple SQL's and Creates multiple PPT decks
GenerateExcelFiles from a db - udf
Get a Random number between 1 and a Million
Get Address of a Range name
Get ini file - gsINIFile = Left(ThisWorkbook.Name, Len(ThisWorkbook.Name) - 4) & ".ini"
GetAnchorFromCell - udf - web
GetCommandLine() - udf
GetConnection - udf - db
GetDataFromLink(sLink, sEpic, sDeliv)
GetDataSource - udf - db
GetFileBytes - internet
GetFileCreator - internet - used shell to get the name
GetFileName(fullpath) - returns the file name without directory
GetHTML - code to get the source from a web page (doesn't work on pages that use ajax)
GetLastModifiedData - gets the last modified data of a web page
GetLastSlash(s) - File
GetLatestVersion(sfilename) - get the file with the latest version
GetNextRow - filtering udf
GetNextVersion - udf - passed file and returns the next version of the file
GetParameters - udf - Report engine
GetRecodset (sSQL, Optional maxRecords) as ADODB.Recordset '
GetRegionalTopNames 6 parameters - udf - get a chart of top n based on CE or PE
GetSignature - gets a number based on the number of formulas + number of rows * cols
GetStats - udf
GetSystemVar - udf - db - Retrieves a System Variable from a table
GettheVersion - opens workbook and finds the version and date by searching the sheet
GetUsersEmailAddress() - udf - internet
GetVersionForECMTemplates - goes thru a directory and get the last mod and size of each file
Global variables and variable scope
Go to First or Last Sheet
Goal spreadsheet
Gosub routine_name
Goto Dialog - Ctrl+G
Goto Loop
GoTo next_for
goto retry_it
GotoSheet - udf - for shortcut creation
GotoXYZ - Shortcut key will go to the XYZ system and substitute the #
GTOD - GetTypeOfDate - e e-system C c-system
GTODList(sStype, aOffsets) - date Get Type of Date list format "3,6,12,15" a list of prev offsets
GTODList(type, string of offesets - ex. "0,1,2,3,6,9,12"