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Large Arrays - Interview Question
Large Nested-If with missing end if or Else statement
Large Spreasheets
LatestVersion - udf
LBDOM - dates - udf - Last Business Date of the Month
LBound(array) - returns the lower bound of an array
lcol = Finddatacol("column header fields",1) ' avoid hardcoding by searching for a column
Leading 0 problem and Excel hides it
Learn by going from small to big
Learn by using the Macro recorder
Learn Excel and Extract data from the Web
Learn Excel and Turn Ideas to Money
Learn to Juggle
Learn via Google
Learn via Immediate Window
Learn via Macro recorder
Learn via sample code
Learning by stepping through code🔝
Learning language at the new job
Learning new things is stressful
Len(string) - vba function
LenB() - vba function
Level of Understanding
Line Input #x, sData
List of Options to Be Familiar With
List of terms to know
List of Windows Controls or Objects to be Familiar With
Load cell value to a vba variable
LoadArray(workbookname, Sheetname, header) 🔝
LoadData(sFile) - udf - loads a file's data to a string
LoadFileToString(sFile) - udf
LoadListBox(c as object, sSQL as String) - db - udf -
LoadQueryToString - udf - db
Log2File udf
LogAction - udf to write 3 fields to a sheet
Logautorun - udf
Logger - user defined shortcuts
logit2(s) ' writes data to sequential file ' udf
LogSQLError -
LogWaitTime - track time my machines is unavailable due to PPT code running
Lower case/upper case bug
LTrim - VBA func