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60 Things That Excel Can Do

Table of Contents


Section 1-Health Related
1.Help you Lose Weight
2.Help you do a million push-ups
3.Help you exercise
4.Blood Sugar Tracking
5.Calorie Tracking

Section 2-Make Money
6.Help beat the stock market
7.Make 6 figure Salary
8.Excel Helped me Write a Book
9.Run a Business
10.Help you understand bitcoin

Section 3-Web/Internet
11.Create Dynamic Web Pages via ASP which is VBA

Section 4-Save Time
12.I got 60,000 followers on Twitter using Excel
13.Tracking your Time Every 15 Minutes
15.Create PowerPoint Slides
16.Logger window (shortcuts)
17.Dont Lose Your Work
18.User Defined Functions
19.Delete Rows on complex condition
20.Create a Questionnaire
21.Shortcut key to Google cell contents
22.Don't lose access

Section 5-Tracking
23.Party Planning
24.Error Tracking

Section 6-Business Usage of Excel
25.Create a file that Reports Top Counterparties to Regulators
26.Trader Analyzer
27.Monitor for an Event

Section 7-Succeed at Work
29.Analyze Data
30.Improved Job Security

Section 8-Learning New Topics
31.Book Summaries
32.Learn about Bitcoin
33.Learn to Automate Excel with Macros aka VBA

Section 9-Excel out of the Box
36.Conditional Formatting
38.Pivot Tables
40.Lookup a Value from a table of data (VLookup)

Section 10-Excel Tools
42.Reduce the Size of an Excel file aka Workbook
43.Examine all Excel files on your computer
44.Find Data

Section 11-File processing
45.Get the file name from the full path name
46.Create Directories
47.Create a file
48.Get Data from External Source
49.Send Data to external source
50.Count files in a directory

Section 12-Simulation
51.Identify Black Jack probabilities via simulation
52.Excel - Baseball Simulator

Section 13-Creativity
53.Random Idea Creator
54.James Altucher Idea Muscle

Section 14-Miscellaneous
55.Brute Force Statistics

Section 15-Database
56.Create Insert Query from column data

Section 16-Controlling Other Applications
57.Open Websites or Run Programs
58.Control PowerPoint
59.Control Word
60.Control Outlook

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