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Become an Σxpert at Σ


Why you'll become an Expert at Excel if you follow this program?

There are many reasons I can teach you to be an expert at excel.
  1. I'm an Expert at Excel and have been using the tool for over 20 years in the work place
  2. I make 6 Figures with this knowledge
  3. I've taught people a complex skills like juggling and will use similar techniques to teach you by breaking complex into simpler steps
  4. I'm aware of the Curse of Knowledge which makes it hard for experts to teach beginners
  5. The training is via real life problems and solutions and I use projects to teaching the concepts you need to know and leave out the many details until you're ready for them
  6. I limit the terminology I use where possible
  7. You get customized training
  8. Assistance from me via twitter @alecberg
  9. I love Excel and want to show you why