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Standard VBA/Excel (9 of 1182)

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=vlookup (xl func)
vlookup to external file - '[file name.xlsm]sheetname'!$C:$F
application.evaluate(sLookup) - runs a vlookup or match or other excel statemnt
VLookup with RC[-44] from recorded code
Application.Evaluate("=vlookup(""" & ..... & """,'" & from ....
=IfERROR(VLOOKUP(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW(),VLOOKUP($BW2,'Field To Use'!$H:$O,6,0))),'Rating Lookup'!$A:$B,2,0),0)
VLookup as part of a formula with """ multiple quotes issue
11/12/14 Random XL, vlookup