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Standard VBA/Excel (34 of 1182)

(Clear Filter = *String*)

Dim sFile$, sZipfile, test as string
Concatenate a string to create a range
" - "" - using quotes in a string
instr( ) - find a string within a string and return the offset
CountIfString(sCol,sValue) - counts the # of times the svalue appears in sCol
Split(string,"value") - converts string into an array
Mid(string,start[,end]) - string function
SaveStringtoFile string, "c:\xyz.txt" - saves a string to a file
as String
Dim SpecialPath As String
Trim - function string removed leading a trailing characters
Right(string,n) - string function
GTODList(type, string of offesets - ex. "0,1,2,3,6,9,12"
Len(string) - vba function
Print #x,string
ByteArrayToString - internet
stringtobytearray - internet
SaveStringToFile - udf 🔝
AddSemicolon - db - udf - adds a semicolon to the end of a string if one doesn't exist or to beginning as it's a comment
LoadData(sFile) - udf - loads a file's data to a string
LoadListBox(c as object, sSQL as String) - db - udf -
LoadQueryToString - udf - db
Asc( ) - VBA string func converts s to a number
Dim a() as string
LoadFileToString(sFile) - udf
Array(string, string, ....) - Converts a list of strings to an array
values in strings
Date is a string problem