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Standard VBA/Excel (37 of 1182)

(Clear Filter = *Column*)

Insert a column - Columns(lCol).EntireColumn.Insert ' recorded
Hardcoding column number problem
Add Columns to a report
Move columns on a report
Hide columns or rows on a report
Findlastrow - udf - finds the last row in a column
mixing up row and column error
Select a column - Columns(i).select
Columns - basic
Columns("A:A").ColumnWidth = 7.43 - recorded
FindLastCol(1) - find the last column passed a row udf
ColumnWidthToPixels - internet code
ColumnWidthToPixels - internet code (Data accuracy report)
displaycolumns - udf
Add Columns to a Report Manually Maintained
Display_the_columns - takes a spreadsheet and hides columns based on a range name - udf
Columns(1).select - selects a column
lcol = Finddatacol("column header fields",1) ' avoid hardcoding by searching for a column
Selection.EntireColumn.Hidden = True ' recorded
selection.PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteColumnWidths, ..' recorded
col variables - stores the number of a column which is retrieved via FindDataCol in case column moves (Hardcoding)
Error handling Logic - column doesn't exist
Create a Sheet with a number of columns to run queries and process Excel output
Columns("H:I").NumberFormat = "#,##0"
ColumnLetter - udf - converts a column # to a column letter
ActiveSheet.Outline.ShowLevels RowLevels:=1, ColumnLevels:=1 ' recorded
ActiveSheet.PivotTables("pt1").ColumnGrand = True ' recorded
Type fiilter_Fields row as Long column as Long End Type
Rows, Columns and Cells
Hide columns that confuse user (hide or grouping)
Cells, Rows, Columns and Ranges
Column references