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31 Common Excel Errors and How to Solve Them
12 Errors People Make in Excel
On Error Resume next
Error 5
Using stop instead of error handling
Err <> 0
Syntax errors
Misspelling error
mixing up row and column error
On Error Goto ErrHandler
Resume Next or Label - Error Handling
Error(x) ' displays error message
elseif err = 75 then ' directory already exists?
errors - If it's broken you made a mistake (attitude)
ShowSheet - udf - wraps the code to prevent errors
Error - Type Mismatch
Error 2042 -
IsError( ) - vba function
Upper/Lower Case Common Error
Error File in use
Error handling Logic - column doesn't exist
err <> 1004 and Error <> 40040
LogSQLError -
Errors from hardcoding
Colors in vb Editor - Green - comment - blue Excel statement ; red = syntax error
=IfERROR(VLOOKUP(INDIRECT(ADDRESS(ROW(),VLOOKUP($BW2,'Field To Use'!$H:$O,6,0))),'Rating Lookup'!$A:$B,2,0),0)
Err = 53 ' file not found
Application.ErrorCheckingOptions.BackgroundChecking = False ' recorded optimize
Error 2015
WhatDB() - udf - queries the gADO.Properties(9) and if an error occurs returns "Not Connected"
override date
byRef argument type mismatch - syntax error
#NAME error
#REF error
if Error = "[Microsoft] [ODBC Driver Manager] Data source..." Then after set gADO and ask to install driver
Processing Multiple Errors
Formula error =A1-B1/2
Formula Error =C3-C2 and C2 is blank (if needed)
Error 2015
Create syntax error to save a location you want to go back to
Subscript out of range
copy modules in and finding all the syntax error
Windows(sWBK).Activate - Error 9 subscript error when New Window used and have :1 and :2 windows
Missing Error Handling problem
Standard error handling
Missing error handling and premature exits
RemoveRangeNames - Removes ones with errors