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Standard VBA/Excel (41 of 1182)

(Clear Filter = *Range*)

Concatenate a string to create a range
Assign a value to a cell - Range("xxx") = "a value"
Range vs. Cells
Select a cell - Range(...).select
range(cl(c+1) & fr & ":" & cl(c+1) & r).select
Range("A1").select (dup)
Range(selection, selection.End(xlDown)).Select - select area - recorded
range(...).Autofilter Field:=1, criteria1:="=" & sValue, Operator:=xlAnd = recorded sets a filter
Workbooks("xxxx").Range("DER_cc") ' get the range name in another workbook
Display_the_columns - takes a spreadsheet and hides columns based on a range name - udf
ThisWorkbook.Sheets(....).Range(....) ' use when a different sheet is active
xl vs. VBA ranges
range names
ranges - "A1" "A1:C4" range_name
[cur_month_end] - access value in a range name
Range("A1:" & Cells(r,c).Address).Copy
fr = Range("first_row").Row
Selection.Autofill destination:=Range("H2:I" & r)
A01 IsRating - determines if a field is a rating range returns true/false
Range("Settings!datasource_type") = "SEC"
DeleteExternalNames - deletes named ranges starting with External_ ' recorded
Range("A1").Listnames ' puts named ranges in A1
Activesheet.Names(sName).Delete ' deletes a named range
As Excel.Range
align_ok_key(lKeyCol1 as Long, range1, lkeyCol2 as long, range2) - udf - 🔝 Aligns data from 2 sources
ActiveWorkbook.worksheets("sfile1").sort.sortfields.Add Key:=Range("N2"), SortOn:=xlSortOnValues, order:=xlAscending, DataOption=xlSortTextAsNumbers
as Range
Activesheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Button 1")).Select
Selection.OnAction = "TOC1.AddTocSheet" ' Select the shape first via ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Button 1")).Select
Named Range
PPT.ActiveWindow.Selection.SlideRange.SlideNumber - get the active slides #
pptshp.Table.Cell(i, 1).Shape.TextFrame.TextRange.Text - gets the text from a pptshp cell
Subscript out of range
Get Address of a Range name
Cells, Rows, Columns and Ranges
Range("C4") = Range("C4")
RemoveRangeNames - Removes ones with errors