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Standard VBA/Excel (15 of 1182)

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Excel Features to Know to move from Beginner to Expert
Move columns on a report
RemoveCanceled - Removes rows with a status of canceled - udf
Remove filtered data but keep filters
Trim - function string removed leading a trailing characters
col variables - stores the number of a column which is retrieved via FindDataCol in case column moves (Hardcoding)
Trim( ) - vba function to remove leading and trailing spaces (dup)
Down1 - sub to move activecell down 1 row sc
RemoveSQLComments - udf
Right1 - udf - move activecell 1 to the right
FixEmail - Take an email address with < > and remove this
RemoveRangeNames - Removes ones with errors
Remove people from email who are no longer at your company