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Standard VBA/Excel (21 of 1182)

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Value vs. formula
Selection. (formula, copy)
Activecell.formulaR1C1 = .... - code from macro recorder
[=1+2] - runs an xl formula in vba
GetSignature - gets a number based on the number of formulas + number of rows * cols
Convert formulas to values
Activecell.formulaR1C1 =
Activecell.formulaR1C1 = "=If(RC[-32]=0,0,RC[-10]/RC[-32]
VLookup as part of a formula with """ multiple quotes issue
Copy formula c7 - B7 and get weird values and need to do =if(c7="","",C7-B7)🔝
Formula error =A1-B1/2
Formula Error =C3-C2 and C2 is blank (if needed)
Evaluate formula tool
Debugging formula issues
Show Formula Mode - Ctrl `
Formula vs. Value vs. Format
Formula Bar
Using fx to understand a formula
Covert Text date to date - cells(x,y).formula = cells(x,y).value (for all rows)