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Clipboard - basic

What is the Clipboard?

It's a temporary memory location that allows windows users to share data between programs via the Clipboard.


The clipboard is lost.
  • When machine is shut down
  • Something else loads into the clipboard (research when true)
  • You actively clear the clipboard

    Statements that use the clipboard
  • Activecell.Copy
  • Activesheet.Paste
  • All Paste comments
  • Activecell.Cut

    Shortcut keys
  • Ctrl C - Copy to Clipboard
  • Ctrl X - Cut and copy to clipboard
  • Ctrl V - Paste from Clipboard

  • Record various cut/copy/paste and not the code that's generated
  • Copy data from one sheet to another
  • Move columns around
  • Copy data from excel to word
  • Copy data from Excel to PowerPoint

  • Clipboard Monitor

    Clipboard problems
  • Merged cells
  • Filtered data
  • Addressing issues $A$1
  • Cutting causing #REF and #NAME errors