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Standard VBA/Excel (50 of 1182)

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i = i ' for debugging allows a place to set a break point while doing nothing
i = i + 1 ' increment a counter
iCnt = iCnt + 1
if - elseif - else - end if - and the final else
if .Cells(i,j) ' referencing the with stmt
if a * b * c * d = 0 then msgbox "unexpected" (where a is a col lookup
If cn.State = adStateOpen then ' db
If Day(Now()) <= 19 then
if Error = "[Microsoft] [ODBC Driver Manager] Data source..." Then after set gADO and ask to install driver
If gADO is Nothing then
If input file format changes
if not x then
If like "xxxxx"
If rs.EOF then
if rs.fields.count = 1 then
if then else end if
if x = "scott" then
iif(num_rows = 20, 1, 0) - immediate if
Immediate Window
Import module file and there is a duplicate routine (I named the routine with a suffix "_dbs" for the module
InArray(array, the_value)
InArray(array,value) - determines if value is in the array - udf
Indirect Function
InitDB - udf to initialize a database
Initiate a task via a button press
Initiating Macros
Input file format is changed
Insert a column - Columns(lCol).EntireColumn.Insert ' recorded
Insert_to_dataissues_click - Loop thru data on sheet and insert it to a table
Inserting Objects
Install Software in VBA
instr( ) - find a string within a string and return the offset
instr(lcase(..) )
integers 1000 vs. 1000.0
Interface Concept
Is Nothing - Objects?
IsArrayEmpty - udf
IsAutorun() - udf looks at the filename if has the name autorun then set flag to true
IsEmpty( ) vba function
IsError( ) - vba function