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Data Adjustment Process at Monthend
Data_validation(sParms) - used for autorun receive request and run a macro
Date ' returns current date
Date = #1/4/2021#
Date as a Number - 44520
Date filtering problem due to 12/1/2021 vs. 12/01/2021 vs. 7/2/21 vs. 07/02/2021 vs. 7/02/2021
Date formatting yyyy-mmm-dd
Date is a string problem
Date issues show up over course of year, new year logic, 9 to 10 month or day
DateAdd("m", -1, vDate))
DateAdd("s",Seconds, Now)
Debug.print variable - debugging - prints value to immediate window
Debugger most used to least used list
Debugging formula issues
Debugging with Debug.Print
Debugging with Msgbox's
Declaring APIs
Default property
Define Acronyms you use in comments
Definition of Done
Delay 2 = udf
Delete a Control you need to be in Design Mode
Delete a Sheet - turn off displayalerts before delete (sh.delete)
DeleteCodeModules -
DeleteExternalNames - deletes named ranges starting with External_ ' recorded
DeleteServerSideCodeModules - udf report engine vbe
deleteSlide ' ppt routine
Design Patterns - MVC
Detect if user is running old version
Determine Macro Associated with a button
Development, QA, UAT, Production Systems
Different value issue a field in one system was KNA and another was ANA which meant the same so logic needed
diffs - udf - compares 2 ouputs
Dim a() as string
Dim FileSystemObject As New FileSystemObject
Dim lStart as Long, lGo as Long, ..
Dim PPT As Powerpoint.Application
Dim rs as New ADODB.Recordset
Dim sFile$, sZipfile, test as string
Dim SpecialPath As String
Dir - files - process a directory or check if a file exists
dir(filename) = ""
Display_the_columns - takes a spreadsheet and hides columns based on a range name - udf
displaycolumns - udf
Division - /
Do - Loop ' no while needs Exit Do
do one then do many
Do Until n = 0
Do While Not EOF(x)
Do While (now < vStopTime) and gbStop = False
Do While - Loop
Doevents '
Don't hardcode
Dos - CD and cd ..
Down1 - sub to move activecell down 1 row sc
Download Web pages
Download website code
DownloadFileFromWeb(strURL, savetoPath) - udf using api
DownLoadFileFromWeb(to,from) - udf
DQ Report
Drag and Drop
Drop-down list in a Cell - Data Validation
DropFieldFromdb - udf