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Standard VBA/Excel (100 of 1182)

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Calculation Manual
Calculation Option
Call routine_name ' call is optional but clearer to new users
Call Stack
Calling a udf
Cancel or Pause a Batch
CDbl - Convert to Double
Cells, Rows, Columns and Ranges
Cells.autofilter field=lCol, Criteria1:="=*IBM*", Operate:=xlOr, Criteria2:="IBOR*"
Cells.Clear - Clear all cells
center in excel - application.width / 2
Change Log
ChDir - Files
Check a result and take an action
Check Input Data
check_include - udf db implements sql include logic
check_include(sSQL,"") - udf db
CheckDatabase - udf
CheckForUnadjustedSQL(sSQL, sNote) - udf db looked at SQL and searched for a table that shouldn't be used
CheckIfLocked - internet - code to check if the desktop is locked
CheckListForMOM - Automates a checklist that person used to verify data
CheckScheduleSendMail - udf - email
Circular Reference
cl - udf - converts a # to the AA format
Clear Method - Home > Editing (5 options)
ClearClipboard - udf - Report Engine
Click a button
Click an item in the Quick Access Toolbar
Click an Item on the Ribbon
Clipboard - basic
Clipboard routines
Close #x ' Close a seq file
Code indenting
Coding Standards
col variables - stores the number of a column which is retrieved via FindDataCol in case column moves (Hardcoding)
Collapse/Expand outline
Color Dialog
Colors in vb Editor - Green - comment - blue Excel statement ; red = syntax error
Column references
ColumnLetter - udf - converts a column # to a column letter
Columns - basic
Columns("A:A").ColumnWidth = 7.43 - recorded
Columns("H:I").NumberFormat = "#,##0"
Columns(1).select - selects a column
ColumnWidthToPixels - internet code
ColumnWidthToPixels - internet code (Data accuracy report)
commenting code
Companies Have Unique Language - first day on the job story
Company Language Issues and Excel
CompareTwoFiles() - udf
Compatibility Mode
Compress Large Excel Workbooks
ComputerName - internet - Gets users computer name using ActiveDS.WinNTystemInfo
Concatenate a string to create a range
concatenation - &
Conditional - Or vs. And vs. Not , precedence, ( ) and nested
Conditional operators
Confusing in Excel
Connection Sting
Constants - Const SW_SHOW = 1
Convert formulas to values
Copy formula c7 - B7 and get weird values and need to do =if(c7="","",C7-B7)🔝
copy modules in and finding all the syntax error
Copy Transpose
CopyChartToPPT ... udf - very important
CountFiles(sDir, sFilter)
CountIfString(sCol,sValue) - counts the # of times the svalue appears in sCol
Covert Text date to date - cells(x,y).formula = cells(x,y).value (for all rows)
Crawling Ants
Create a Drop-down web menu using Excel
Create a Sheet with a number of columns to run queries and process Excel output
Create HTML files
Create Look - Idea - Dev Small - fix - works - New ideas/problems - Repeat
Create sheets from a list
Create syntax error to save a location you want to go back to
CreateHTMLTableForEmail (html, css,) - coverts spreadsheet visible data to HTML format
CreateQueryTable - db -
CreateSheet "name" - adds a new sheet and deletes current one??? udf
Creating a folder
CSV file
Cusip Problem
Custom Lists