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Standard VBA/Excel (20 of 1182)

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Array -start with "a", array function
reference value in an array aSuffixes(i)
InArray(array,value) - determines if value is in the array - udf
Ubound(array) - finds the upper bound of an array
LBound(array) - returns the lower bound of an array
Split(string,"value") - converts string into an array
InArray(array, the_value)
LoadArray 🔝
LoadArray(workbookname, Sheetname, header) 🔝
ByteArrayToString - internet
stringtobytearray - internet
PivotFields("field_name").Subtotals = Array(False, False, ...)
IsArrayEmpty - udf
Activesheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Button 1")).Select
Selection.OnAction = "TOC1.AddTocSheet" ' Select the shape first via ActiveSheet.Shapes.Range(Array("Button 1")).Select
Array(string, string, ....) - Converts a list of strings to an array
Subscript out of range
Large Arrays - Interview Question
Arrays vs. Collections