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Value vs. formula
values in strings
VBA is a programming language, syntax
VBA on 2 or more Excel files opened at the same time
Verify all data you get which helps when the format changes and it will new, changed, deleted
VerifyValue - udf - db - runs query based on Coper, field (ce,pe), date, returns value)
version compatibility issue
Versioning - Getting Excel to Save a new Version
Versions of Excel
vFileLen(sFile) ' udf to create an excel function to get the filelength
Video Reminder (3)
View a directory ' runprogram on the Sharepoint directory name
Viewport concept of Excel
Virus aka Macro Virus
Visible - basic
VLookup as part of a formula with """ multiple quotes issue
vlookup to external file - '[file name.xlsm]sheetname'!$C:$F
VLookup with RC[-44] from recorded code
vntResult = rs(0)