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Standard VBA/Excel (35 of 1182)

(Clear Filter = *format*)

Date formatting yyyy-mmm-dd
cl - udf - converts a # to the AA format
(xxx) to convert to proper format - cok ??
Selection.NumberFormat = "m/d/yyyy"
Formatcols - Format the excel while recording
Pastespecial pasteformats
CreateHTMLTableForEmail (html, css,) - coverts spreadsheet visible data to HTML format
FormatXyz - udf - to format data usually via recorded code,
FixXYZFormat - the format of data needed to be fixed to a format that the code could process
Columns("H:I").NumberFormat = "#,##0"
Selection.NumberFormat = (dup)
Selection.NumberFormat = "mmm-yy"
Selection.NumberFormat = "mmm-yy" (dup)
Selection.Numberformat = "#,##0.0,,,"
Format dates
Selection.Address - vb property - returns the $A$1 formatted address of the selected cell(s)
Verify all data you get which helps when the format changes and it will new, changed, deleted
SendChecklist_email() - udf - sends a formatted email as a checklist to proper person to dbl check report
s,Selection.NumberFormat = "_(* #,##0_);_(* (#,##0);_(* ::-""??_);_(@_)" 'recorded (g)
formatting routines - almost all are recorded and modified
GTODList(sStype, aOffsets) - date Get Type of Date list format "3,6,12,15" a list of prev offsets
A01 FormatFromTemplate - udf - Report engine complex
A01 FormatforPrinting - udf - report engine
FormatFromTemplate - udf Report Engine
FormatMultipleSheets udf
XML File format
Exponential Format
Formula vs. Value vs. Format
If input file format changes
Input file format is changed