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Standard VBA/Excel (63 of 1182)

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fdom - first day of month -date udf
File suffix - zip, xlsb, txt, xls, xlsx, xlsm, pdf, htm, html
File wildcard character * or ?
FileCopy from, to
FileLen(sFile) - gets the length of the file
FilesSystemObject.CopyFile sfrom, sTo
FileToMD5Hex - internet - security
FileToSHA1Hex - internet - security
Fill Down
Filter Problems copying moving...
Filtering and visible rows
Final Else
Find Missing Data
FindDataCol - udf - 🔝
FindDataCol("fieldname",row_nbr) udf
FindDataRowPartial(sSearch, c) as Long
Finding the Macro being Recorded
FindLastCol(1) - find the last column passed a row udf
Findlastrow - udf - finds the last row in a column
FindWorkbook(sWB) udf
FinishDEReport - udf
FixEmail - Take an email address with < > and remove this
FixName - takes a passed name in Last, First and changes to First Last
FixTop25Other - a fix routine fixes something might have a small difference between version and standard
FixXYZFormat - the format of data needed to be fixed to a format that the code could process
Flashing while VBA is running
For each (loop) item in collection
For each shp in PPT.ActivePresentation.Slides(2)
for i = 0 to rs.Fields.Count - 1
for i = Lbound(a) to UBound(a)
for k = 1 to 12 step 3 ' loop
For loop - lbound ubound
For Loop with Birthday Problem
for z = len(sSQL) to 1 step -1
Forecast Sheet
Format dates
Formatcols - Format the excel while recording
FormatFromTemplate - udf Report Engine
FormatMultipleSheets udf
formatting routines - almost all are recorded and modified
FormatXyz - udf - to format data usually via recorded code,
Formula Bar
Formula error =A1-B1/2
Formula Error =C3-C2 and C2 is blank (if needed)
Formula vs. Value vs. Format
fr = Range("first_row").Row
Freeze Frame Problem 0
Function returning a value
functions vs. Sub