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Wait until a file appears
Walk a file - get all files in a directory
WarnDev - udf - emails msg to default email loaded from a config "main_support_email" @ "company_domain"
We can't update some of the links in your workbook right now ... [continue] [Edit Links...] dialog
Web Editor
WebQuery - internet - udf - run a url and loads the output to a worksheet - recorded
Website problem
Weekday - dates
What VBA commands aren't supported in ASP?
What you can record and what you can't (loops, decisions, flexibility)
What's the most common statements I use in macros in top 10 - 1 order
WhatDB() - udf - queries the gADO.Properties(9) and if an error occurs returns "Not Connected"
When deleting work backwards: for x = sheets.count to 1 step -1 (loop)
While Not EOF(1) ... Wend - loop
WildCardSelect(...) - db - udf - adds fields to select query based on wildcards - cool
Windows Controls - Combobox
Windows Job Scheduler
Windows(sWBK).Activate - Error 9 subscript error when New Window used and have :1 and :2 windows
With - End With
Work and Learn
Workbook_close - event
Workbook_open - event
Workbooks Collection
Workbooks(sWB).Close False
Workbooks("xxxx").Range("DER_cc") ' get the range name in another workbook
WorkBooks.Open sFileout, UpdateLinks:=False
WorksheetFunction.Min( ) I use application.evaluate