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Standard VBA/Excel (46 of 1182)

(Clear Filter = *date*)

Now() - returns the date time
Date formatting yyyy-mmm-dd
GettheVersion - opens workbook and finds the version and date by searching the sheet
Date ' returns current date
Date = #1/4/2021#
End of Month issue - two system used different month-end dates problem
WorkBooks.Open sFileout, UpdateLinks:=False
Application.AskToUpdateLinks = false
UpdateTOC - code to update ppt toc
Application.Ontime Dateadd("n",30, Now(),"Sub_to_run_name" ' i
LBDOM - dates - udf - Last Business Date of the Month
A01 GTOD(e,offset, optional retDate) - udf Get Type of Date - c for Credit Studio, e for Everest
DateAdd("s",Seconds, Now)
SECDataAvailable - udf - db - checks for a condition (cob date from db > month-end data) and send email, generates a file
VerifyValue - udf - db - runs query based on Coper, field (ce,pe), date, returns value)
PPT test code to update embedded spreadsheet in ppt
Format dates
SQL update
Weekday - dates
override date
DateAdd("m", -1, vDate))
GTOD - GetTypeOfDate - e e-system C c-system
GTODList(sStype, aOffsets) - date Get Type of Date list format "3,6,12,15" a list of prev offsets
fdom - first day of month -date udf
UpdateHyperLinkTOC - PPT
######## - doesn't fit or negative date
#3/22/2021# = Date Constant
This Workbook contains links to one or more external sources [update] [don't update]
Date as a Number - 44520
Date is a string problem
Date filtering problem due to 12/1/2021 vs. 12/01/2021 vs. 7/2/21 vs. 07/02/2021 vs. 7/02/2021
Covert Text date to date - cells(x,y).formula = cells(x,y).value (for all rows)
We can't update some of the links in your workbook right now ... [continue] [Edit Links...] dialog
Date issues show up over course of year, new year logic, 9 to 10 month or day