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Standard VBA/Excel (77 of 1182)

(Clear Filter = R*)

R1C1 option
range names
Range vs. Cells
Range("A1").Listnames ' puts named ranges in A1
Range("A1").select (dup)
Range("A1:" & Cells(r,c).Address).Copy
Range("C4") = Range("C4")
Range("Settings!datasource_type") = "SEC"
range(...).Autofilter Field:=1, criteria1:="=" & sValue, Operator:=xlAnd = recorded sets a filter
range(cl(c+1) & fr & ":" & cl(c+1) & r).select
Range(selection, selection.End(xlDown)).Select - select area - recorded
ranges - "A1" "A1:C4" range_name
RealGo - udf db - detmine if a go in sql is the real one
Recording a Macro and Generalizing it
Redim Preserve a(r -2)
Redundancy Problem
Refactor - coding technique
Refactor code - that can be Table Driven
Reference Active DS Type Library
Reference to Microsoft Data Objects 2.8 Library
Reference to Microsoft Forms 2.0 Object Library
Reference to Windows Script Host Object Model
reference value in an array aSuffixes(i)
References - MSXML2.XLMHTTP60
Regular Expressions (see Save as PDF)
Release Notes
Remove filtered data but keep filters
Remove people from email who are no longer at your company
RemoveCanceled - Removes rows with a status of canceled - udf
RemoveRangeNames - Removes ones with errors
RemoveSQLComments - udf
Restore Point
Resume Next or Label - Error Handling
RetrieveDataToSheet - udf - db
Retrieving Data from a Webpage using Sendkeys
Return a value from a function
Return multiple values from a function by returning a comma separated sting and parsing the results
Returning a value(s) from a sub
RGB(x,y,z) - vba color func where x, y , z are # from 1 - 255
Right(string,n) - string function
Right1 - udf - move activecell 1 to the right
Round - function
Rows - basic
Rows collection
Rows("1:1").RowHeight = 52.5 ' recorded
Rows("1:1").select 'a row
Rows(i).interior.color = vbYellow ' highlights row i
Rows, Columns and Cells
rt - udf - Response Time
rt = udf to track Response Time (optimize)
RTrim - VBA func
Run "Thisworkbook.WorkBook_Open"
Run a Macro with Parameters
Run a query sample
Run SQL and save output to a sequential file
Run SQL from a file
Running a batch and opening a new spreadsheet Issue - IgnoreRemotedde
RunProgram "http.." (File Associations need to set up)
RunQuery( ) - udf db - runs a query that returns 1 value and not a recordset
runquery2 - udf - runs a query that returns 2 values
RunSQLFromFile - udf - db 🔝
RunTheQuery - udf - db